NOW Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection outside the home NRA CERTIFIED CLASSES 


O C Pepper spray and personal Safety Course Next Class Jan. 29

Students will receive Certification from (SABRE) upon completion of this course in the use of OC Pepper spray. This is a less then lethal option for the Concealed Weapons Permit Holder or College Student or Everyday Citizen for self defense. Students receive Certificate. $75.00

College Safety Course. This course is designed for the College Student. (RAINN) being a perfect Situational Awareness course. $35.00

The CITIZEN'S Course is perfect for the everyday Citizen a A Situational Awareness and pepper spray course and is a less then lethal option. Cost $55.00


Student will not be exposed to any live chemical agents during class. great option for the Concealed weapons permit holder.

$75.00 (see other pricing)

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