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Recommended by 54 people
Recommended by 54 people
Emil's SC CWP course is FANTASTIC! My husband & I recently moved to South Carolina so he needed to take a class before applying for a state permit....  Read more
Dec 5, 2023
Michelle Lockary Ayala
My fiancé and I had an exceptional experience in the CWP class led by Emil this past weekend! Despite my fiancé's limited experience with firearms,...  Read more
Dec 4, 2023
Samuel Windfield
Emil made the class extremely enjoyable and was very patient with everyone. He answered all questions very clearly leaving my husband and I with a...  Read more
Dec 3, 2023
Ashley Taylor
My wife and I took the basics of pistol shooting class. As newcomers to the world of firearms this was exactly what we were looking for. The class...  Read more
Nov 13, 2023
Jeffrey Sengebusch
Emil is a great instructor. He was great working with each of us and encouring us in a positive way to be successful in the basic hand gun course. 
Nov 9, 2023
Andrew Rosenfeld
I was extremely impressed in this CWP training. Emil was an awesome Instructor. Very knowledgeable and was happy to be instructed by someone of his...  Read more
Oct 18, 2023
Artie Mucci

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